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Micro-ingredients (Amino acids)​

We sell the main essential amino acids for poultry, hogs and cattle diets. We have constant supply all year long for all the essential amino acids and all of our suppliers are ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 certificated.

We offer amino acids from internationally recognized manufacturers and we count with integrated logistics services and technical nutritional assistance for all the supply of these products.

Seaboard Perú is the only supplier that is able to supply macro-ingredients (grains) and micro-ingredients in Peru.

We count with our own warehouses and we have presence in the main Peruvian ports.

We are able to optimize our clients logistics by offering combined cargoes of macros in bulk (grains) and micros in bags in the same truck.

We work with the concept of One Stop Shop, by offering to our customers macros, micros, full fat soybean meal, logistic services, storage services and feed toll milling under one provider, therefore simplifying the purchasing processes of our customers and their logistical operations.

We are able to offer micro-ingredients packed in 25 Kg bags to 1.5 metric tons Big Bags​

Sourcing offices in China: Our shareholder Seaboard has sourcing offices in China, allowing us to perform pre-shipment quality control, therefore assuring absolute quality of the imported cargo.

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